Invisalign EmergenciesWhat is the process like?
In order to design the perfect Invisalign order for you, we need a perfect record of your mouth. We get this through several methods, including measurements, photos, mouth X-rays, and detailed digital scans of your mouth. All of this information along with a custom treatment plan is then sent to Invisalign so that they can create an advanced 3D model of your teeth for your dentist to review and approve. After that model gets approval from your dentist, Invisalign creates the relevant clear, plastic aligners that are guaranteed to fit you perfectly.

What are the main benefits?
The first benefit is right in the name: These aligners are nearly invisible, making this perfect for people who are self-conscious about how traditional braces may make them look. In fact, many people around you may have no idea you are straightening your teeth out each day! Another benefit is that they can be easily removed so that you can eat or drink what you want to, so you don’t have to worry about annoying things like getting food stuck in your braces.

That applies to your dental care, too: Being able to remove the aligners means that you can still brush and floss your teeth normally each and every day without braces getting in your way. Finally, Invisalign is much more comfortable than traditional braces. Instead of worrying about things like wires hurting your mouth, you can be assured that your smile is getting straighter every day with comfort, convenience, and discretion.

How to handle Invisalign emergencies
As great as Invisalign can be, there are a few emergencies that may arise. Here is a brief rundown of what they are and what you should do. If you accidentally lose or break your alignment trays, wear the previous set of trays so that your teeth don’t lose any progress on straightening, and contact your dentist immediately!

If you recently received new aligners and they are causing you pain, try using some aspirin or other basic over-the-counter medication in order to relieve the pain. If that pain persists for more than 48 hours, however, you should contact your dentist.

Finally, some patients experience difficulties in taking their aligners out in order to eat, floss, or brush their teeth. If this happens, try swishing warm water around your mouth like mouthwash in order to loosen the aligners. If this doesn’t work, make sure you contact your dentist for an emergency visit; we will see if anything is wrong with the aligners and, if necessary, make changes to your treatment plan so that you can be comfortable and happy with your Invisalign.